A photographic safari to Africa is one of the most dreamed about holidays of all time. But all too often, not enough preparation and planning goes with that dream and when you arrive, you wish you had more time to plan and practice before arriving.

Especially for a wildlife photographic safari one needs to be extremely prepared to make the most of your time. We’ve piled up some tips that can help you with your planning to make the most of your trip.

TIP 1: Make sure that you have done enough research

By doing proper research about your destination, you will not only increase the excitement of your safari but will prepare you for what you can expect with regards to wild animals and their behaviours, which in turn, will help you to capture the perfect shot on each animal.

TIP 2: The early bird catches the worm

Going out early is the best time to get exceptional photographs as most animals are active early in the mornings and then at night, and especially early in the mornings and at dusk, the light is much more favourable for getting good shots. As the sun gets higher and the day temperature rise, the animals will only be laying in the shade taking a siesta.

TIP 3: Know your camera before you arrive at your destination

It is very important to know all of the features your camera has to offer before you arrive. Trying to take good pictures without knowing which settings to use will cause you to miss that special moments you are actually trying to capture because you were too busy trying to get the right settings on your camera.

TIP 4: Select your own focus point

Especially when taking photos of animals, you must manually choose the focus point as an automatic focus point can spoil the whole picture with the camera focusing on the bush instead of the majestic lion just behind the bush. The best tip here is to focus on the eyes of the animal you are trying to capture and use them as your focus point.

TIP 5: View your photos

A lot of people make the mistake to only view their photos when they arrive back home and then discover that they actually missed some shots that they wanted to get. If you view your shots on a bigger screen while on your safari, you still have the opportunity to correct your mistakes and get the shots you really want to capture.


These are just a few tips to help you make the best of your time on your photographic safari. The best tip of all is to remember to enjoy your breakaway as well, and to put the camera down some times and take the moments in for yourself.

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