As the seasons of your life changes, so does your needs, your acquired taste and what you view as important to you in your life. At Thuru Lodge, we also have seasons, both literally in the field with the changing seasons, but also in the way our hospitality changes with big cosy fires in the winters to cooling cocktails around the pool in the summer months.


Depending on what your specific acquired taste is, all year round is a good time to visit us here at Thuru Lodge. With our extreme heat during the summer months, to the cold winters that does not reach below zero more than three times in the season, it is all about your preferred taste. We are especially the best destination if you are looking to escape the extreme cold winters in the Northern Hemisphere and just to soak up the African sun.


Our summer months might reach an excruciating heat of up to forty degrees Celsius, but the summer months are also our raining season. Nothing says summer at Thuru Lodge as well as thunderstorms followed by good rain. It’s very rewarding to drive in the field after the good rains, especially like we had this past couple of months, and to experience all the liveliness that surround you. From the green Bushmen grasses that looks like they are dancing in the wind, to all of the baby animals that are born, you never seem to be amazed by all the miracles that this liveliness can bring. For the early birds, it’s the best time to go on a game drive early in the mornings, as you will see the most animals, because they will lie down and relax in the shade during the heat of the day.


Our winter months are quite chilly early in the mornings and as soon as the sun sets, but this is when good memories are made in the evenings around the campfire with stories from back in the day, to laughing like there’s no tomorrow with jokes that goes around. During the winter months, it’s not necessary to get up that early as the sun rises later and the animals also only gets more active as the day warms up.


If you are more into having your bread buttered on both sides, autumn and spring will be your best choice. As temperatures are very moderate, with the sun not too hot but the evenings not too cold, you can be sure to be comfortable all day long. A mid-morning game drive or a late afternoon drive will be in the order of the day and at camp it might be warm enough for a relaxing time in the pool or Jacuzzi but the evenings also allows for a nice big campfire at night.


The flora at the lodge also changes with the seasons, and you can be sure that you will always have something interesting and magical to see.


So whether you are an early bird, a night owl, an extreme nature enthusiast or if you would just like to come and relax in our Serenity Spa, Thuru Lodge will be waiting, during all seasons of the year, to cater to your season and make you feel at home.






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