For those who are not afraid of heights, adventures in the air is the ultimate above all others. You could head for the skies in hot air ballon, a helicopter  or  with a microlight.

In the Northern Cape there are quite a few options to make your air adventure dream come true.

Hot Air Ballooning at Augrabies

Lifting off from the Augrabies area your balloon will drift over the lower Orange River Valley. The green verdant cultivated lands that contrast dramatically with the surrounding arid land will leave you breathless.

The life giving Orange River will toil with your soul, making you want more. Allow yourself to breathe with the wind and let your mind soar with the balloon and ride new heights through this beautiful landscape.

The best time to fly a hot air balloon is in the early morning when the air is stable.

Did you know?

Hot air ballooning is the safest aviation sport in the world.

Microlight Flying in Upington

With almost year round sunny days and blue skies, the Northern Cape is an ideal flying destination. Microlight flights offer a non-traditional type of ‘safari’.

With only a few seconds needed to accelerate into the air, it can reach the height of 1500ft and also swoop down low with ease to enable you to view game or the landscape up close.

Today’s microlight aircraft are faster, safer, easier to fly and more comfortable than ever before and a convenient way of seeing the province without needing the roads at all.

Upington Microlight Training Centre will give you the best experience or if you visit Kimberley, the Kimberley Flying School is also an option.

Helicopter Trips

Kriek Helicopters offer sceninc desert tours from Upington. This includes a tour of Augrabies Falls, Blouputz valley, Molope Canyon with Riemvasmaak rock desert and the Quiver tree forest near Keimoes.

The helicopter is the ideal way of viewing or filming the desert landscape. Also from Upington, fly over the Orange river and the surrounding vineyards or over the Witsand Kalahari Reserve over the  dunes of white surrounded by the red sands of the kalahari.

Bridge Swinging

Fancy jumping from a bridge? Many of those adrenaline-craving types do. Join the fearless at Vaal River Adventures near Kimberley, as you leap off one bridge only to be swung through the air (and over the water) on a rope attached to the other. As you glide into the arch of the swing, you can lean back and sweep you hand across the surface of the water. Wooohoo!

Open skies, good weather and the thrill that goes along with it, are just some of the reasons why air adventures are a “must-do”!








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