If you are a thrill-seeker, there are some extreme adventures that you simply have to do when visiting the Northern Cape.

Everyone likes to have a little fun. For some this means hanging off a ledge 100 m above the ground.


Vaal River Adventures offer abseiling at two locations, namely the old Toll Bridge (32km from Kimberley on the R31) and also at the Danster Caves.

Abseiling from the old toll bridge offers the unique opportunity to abseil from a Heritage Site and just hang out above the Vaal River. The Danster Caves allows you to get out into the unspoilt natural surrounds and enjoy the refreshment that this offers to the soul.

Rock Climbing

This is ideal for the ‘purist’ rock climber, who is tired of over developed and fake climbing sites. The climbing site at Danster Caves is untouched and it’s just you, your equipment and the rock face waiting to be conquered.

Adventure Motor Biking

Many of the same reasons that make The Northern Cape an ideal 4×4 destination also make it ideal for adventure motorcycling. Also known as dual sport motorcycling, the concept is to offer riders scenery, history and challenge in a non-competitive, on-road / off-road riding experience. All of the regions in the province have extensive dirt-roads, of varying condition to ride on.

Sand Boarding

Flying down steep hills at breakneck speed and then hiking up through the sand to do it all over again, is not for everyone, but those who’ve experienced the thrill keep going back for more… and more.

With a landscape furnished with soft sandy dunes, the Northern Cape is an ideal sand boarding destination and with the sport becoming increasingly widespread in South Africa.

Liquid 360 Adventures is one of the tour operators that offer hands-on sand boarding tuition and tours. These personalized sand boarding tours are situated into the heart of Kakamas and in the soft white sands at the Witsand Dunes belt near the Augrabies Falls National Park.

Whatever your cup of tea, you’ll be sure to find an adventure in the Northern Cape.

Source: www.experiencenortherncape.com


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