Years and years ago, rumours had it that a cargo ship, with a load of coffee beans, sunk in the Wild Cost and these beans washed up on the beach and germinated there, and from there the name Coffee Bay. Nobody ever saw these trees but with or without the trees, the name Coffee Bay stuck.

Coffee Bay is almost synonymous with the world famous Hole in the wall, that quite literally can be described as a geographical marvel. Coffee Bay, as only one of two coastal resorts that has a tarred road straight to its door from the N2, is situated only about 8km from the Hole, and after taking in this breathtaking geological feature, there is a lot to do in Coffee Bay itself. Coffee Bay boasts a number of rustic lodges and bars, beautiful swimming beaches, excellent fishing and breathtaking hikes. The surrounding countryside is rugged with high cliffs and peppered with distinctive round, thatched, traditional huts made largely from car tyres and colored bottles.

Other activities that can be done includes that Hjuleka Nature Reserve, between Coffee Bay and Port St Johns, spearfishing, horse riding and golf.

Come and enjoy a relaxing time at Coffee Bay and enjoy the beauty of Nature that Coffee Bay and its surroundings has to offer.

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