Have you ever imagined contrasting Kalahari sand dunes of white and red sand all at one place? Well look no further, Witsand Nature Reserve has it all.

Since the earliest times Witsand, with one of the few reliable permanent water sources in the region, has been the hub of human activity. Several Stone Age sites have been found by Archaeologists that reflects the changing lifestyles through thousands of years.

The Witsand Nature Reserve is approximately 3500 hectares in size with the unique dunes comprising most of the area. Although you can say that Witsand is a relatively small reserve, it is a very popular site to visit for nature enthusiasts

Witsand is a bird watching paradise and the avid birdwatcher’s skills will definitely be put to the test. With a combination of arid region and bushveld birds that can be seen from the well positioned sunken bird-hide with a waterhole just a few metres away you are certain to see some of the most significant birds, like pygmy falcon, sandgrouse, Kori bustard and sociable weaver to name just a few.

If you are not a keen bird watcher you will be glad to know that Witsand also has quite a few antelope species that can be seen as well. Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Duiker, Steenbok and Springbok and be seen in daytime and if you are lucky you will be able to spot interesting species like Aardvark or Pangolin, Bat-eared fox, owls and Porcupines at night.

The area has three major vegetation types, the Karroid Kalahari Bushveld, Orange River Nama Karoo and Kalahari Mountain Bushveld where a lot of unique fauna and flora can be seen like the Camel Thorn –and Shepherd’s Tree.

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