An African Safari may be a once in a lifetime experience and one that can be really fun for photographers. If there’s one thing that makes a safari unsurpassed, it is the ability to capture amazing scenes and portraits of the rich wildlife.

Here are some tips to help you with your preparation:

Get out early and stay out late

It’s all about the early morning and late afternoon light – the so called ‘’golden hour’’! You have to be patient to get the right shot.

The lower the better

When taking pictures of wildlife it is important to be as close to the ground as possible. Whatever you are taking a picture of will stand out much more. An eye to eye angle will give the image a much more dramatic impact.

Look for the eye

The eye of an animal is the ‘key to the soul’; the eye depicts the mood, the focus and the intent. For this reason it is vital that the eye of your subject is sharply in focus.

Action! Choose the correct shutter speed

When trying to capture wildlife in action, choosing the correct shutter speed is key! If the shutter speed is not high enough, the image will come out blurry and you have missed your perfect shot. Play around at home with your pet or passing cars to figure out the right shutter speed for moving subjects.

Work with the environment

Shadows are to animals what mascara is to models. Dust and rain create atmosphere. It is the branches and the leaves, the glare and the dust that often give the emotions to an image. Why not play around with them a little more?

Cards a plenty

Bring more than one memory card even if you don’t take allot of shots. If that one card flakes out in the middle of nowhere, you won’t be taking any more photos.

Make sure to back up your images!

Don’t  forget family

Don’t forget to take photos of your family enjoying the scenery or wildlife!

The most important thing to remember is to pull yourself into the experience and enjoy the magic of an African safari.



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