Once you’ve travelled to the far corners of the planet, it’s near impossible to ignore the impact that humans have had on our environment. However, there are simple things that each of us wandering the globe can do to lessen our impact on the planet and become more eco-aware. Practice these on your travels and each of your small changes will have massive impact.

Here are ways to be more eco-aware while Globetrotting:

1. Pick up garbage {yes, even if it’s not yours}

Littering is disgusting, but it’s also bad to think that it’s not your problem either. So, if travelling and you see obvious (and not dangerous) garbage on the ground, pick it up. Keep some plastic bags in your backpack to do so, and hand sanitizer close by to avoid dirtying your hands.

2. Drive less, car less

Public transit is excellent in some parts of the world, and just hopeless in others. However, cars, and specifically their use of oil is extremely detrimental to the environment. Dedicate two days a week where you will walk, bike or take public transit or carpool. There are now options where you can carpool to airports or major transportation hubs through ride sharing programs like Uber.

3. Choose & buy better

Read labels before you buy clothing, food and home goods before, during and after your travels. Where was it made? What is it made from? There are certain materials and ingredients which are not only toxic to the environment during production but also post-consumption.

4. Recycle

Recycling is such an easy way to put materials back into the eco-system for reuse. Pre-research your travel destinations to understand their recycling programs, and try to abide by them while staying there.

5. If you can’t recycle it, up-cycle it

Upcycling is the process of taking a material that is otherwise garbage, and turning it into something purposeful and useful. An opportunity for upcycling while travelling is your cosmetics.

As you use them up, wash out the containers and reuse them. They can make excellent containers for storing snacks, downsizing other cosmetics products, pill cases and more.

6. Do more with less

Every piece in your suitcase needs to serve a purpose – carefully edit your wardrobe prior to going on your adventure.

When you’re actually travelling and visiting a new city, think before you buy souvenirs or clothing. Ask yourself if you really need it, and if it’s crucial for creating a memory of your journey. And make thoughtful, mindful purchasing decisions.

Where ever you go, be aware of your environment at all times!

Source: www.breathetravel.com/8-ways-eco-awareness-travelling/

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