Going on an African Safari is an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of wildlife adventure, unique cultural encounters and spectacular scenery. It can be a great way to recharge your batteries and explore untamed places.

Why Go To Africa?

An African safari gives you the chance to glimpse rare and powerful creatures. You can  immerse yourself in the wilderness and fill your senses with its raw beauty.

African safaris are an affordable travel choice, offering excellent value for money. Most African wildlife safaris include accommodation, meals, sightseeing and game viewing.

Planning Your African Safari

Planning your safari is very exciting. There are so many bucket-list experiences to choose from. There’s every kind of accommodation you can imagine and as many different settings, from mountains to beaches, rainforests to deserts.

Africa is warm and sunny throughout most of the year, but certain countries experience a variety of climates. The key thing to remember is the difference between the dry and wet seasons.

The winter dry season in Southern Africa is between May and October and this is when game viewing is at its best. The summer wet season is between December and March, a hot and sometimes humid period with short but intense bursts of rain.

Flights & Getting Around

South Africa is well served by international airlines and its gateway airports are Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Top safari destinations are usually accessed via a scheduled flight to the nearest airport and then a pre-arranged transfer to your destination. Private charter flights are also available.

South Africa and Namibia are great self-drive destinations and suitable vehicles can be hired and dropped off at major airports.

Health & Safety

Most African destinations are some of the safest in the world and many are ideal for families travelling with children.

Medical facilities in Africa’s cities and major tourist destinations are good. You just have to make sure if any medication for malaria prophylactics or a yellow fever injection is needed.

Security issues are no worse in Africa than the rest of the world: it’s simply a case of using your common sense and not exposing yourself to risk.

What to Pack

Packing for Africa depends on where you’re going as well as what time of the year you’re travelling.

If you’re going on safari, it’s wise to pack the following:

  • Decent walking shoes
  • Light or neutral coloured clothing (not white)
  • A warm top or jacket for the evenings.
  • A sunhat is vital, as are sunglasses, binoculars and a camera
  • Spare batteries or a charger
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen and malaria prophylactics if necessary.
  • An international plug, small daypack and personal water bottle are also recommended.
  • Warm clothing if you’re on a winter safari as night time temperatures can dip below freezing.

Africa is a dream destination for travellers of all types and styles. You’ll find a multitude of options when it comes to luxury tours and safaris.



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