At Thuru Lodge, we offer a True African Safari Experience to our guests. What could be more beautiful than watching the sun rise on vast land that is strewn with beautiful creatures? A safari is a place where you can zone out and enjoy the scenery.

You can take endless selfies, with the animals in the background making a perfect backdrop. It’s a wonderful time to have with family and friends.

To add to your safari experience here at Thuru Lodge and make your stay with us more special, we offer true authentic experiences in many ways.

Game Drives

We strive to create the ultimate special experience for every guest, therefore our game drives are arranged in open 4 x 4 vehicles from which you can see everything.

You can expect to see a variety of more than 30 game species. The variety of vegetation types are very unique,  which broadly classified into Nama Karoo, Kalahari and Karoo mountain vegetation. Qualified field guides accompany the game drives to ensure your safety.

Dune Dinners

Set in the red sand dunes of the Kalahari, we offer a 3-course dinner under the bright stars.  On arrival, you will be welcomed by the beating of African drums with big fires that light up in the sky.

You can also enjoy our hand washing ritual together with a glass of sherry.

The meal is set under a big camelthorn tree with a big socialble weaver nest, where you can listen to the sounds of these precious little birds while you have your dinner.

This is an exceptional experience of true African hospitality under the African sky that you will never forget!


What is an African Safari without a nice sundowner? Watch the African sun set on our biggest red dune with snacks and drinks.

Hiking Trails

We offer a variety of hiking trails – from climbing mountains to hiking through the red Kalahari sand dunes. For beginners there is a hiking trail through the Karoo Savanna.


We are committed to ethical hunting with rifle or bow under management.

While with cognac in one hand and hunters pride in your heart you relate the day’s story in the cigar lounge. Non hunting members can enjoy activities, relax at our spa or pool.


Our chef, Bet , always makes sure that you will enjoy the best South African cuisine!


Come and spoil yourself with a True African Safari Experience at Thuru Lodge!






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