Travel is rarely about places, it’s about experiences. Not meaning activities like sky diving and bungee jumping, but life changing, perspective altering, humbling experiences. 

Here are some travel experiences you should have at least once in your lifetime:

  • Sleep under the stars

Spend an evening under the fresh, light-spotted canvas of the night sky. Lie on a camp bed, sleep on the beach, find a comfy patch of grass and rest your head.  The vision you see is the vast, expanse of the sky, the world and the universe

  • Take a long voyage by sea

Since the age of commercial flight we hop entire oceans. Board a boat and travel changes.

Watch the sun set and rise on your journey.  Stare out at the water and appreciate the beauty, tranquility and potential power of nature.

  • Spend a day travelling by foot

We don’t wander any more, not like our ancestors used to, but there is something soothing about the pace that comes with a steady walk. If you thought that travel by sea could teach you a thing or two about the enormity of earth, restrict yourself to the speed of your own two legs and you’ll really come to appreciate the vastness of our planet.

  • Eat and drink the thing you love most in its country of origin

Go and taste your favourite food or drink in the place from where it came. You’ll be consuming the ingredients that have been grown, reared and harvested by local hands.

  • Travel alone

Being comfortable with your own company is a vital life skill because you never know when you’re going to have to call on it.

Travelling independently, making your own way, taking your own decisions and accepting responsibility for them (especially when they go wrong) will help your personal growth more than any other travel experience there is.

  • Stand in front of something almost as old as time

Visit historic attractions like the Colosseum in Rome and its barbaric gladiatorial battles; 2000 year old churches, petroglyphs and cave paintings from our early ancestors. Gaze at, witness, touch (if you’re permitted) and try as hard as you can what life must have been like so far back in time.

Consider each of the centuries of change that have passed in between and stop in amazement at how the building or site has survived them all.

How many of these travel experiences have you had in your life?


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