South Africa does not only have some of the best meaty dishes to offer, like we discussed yesterday, but we also offer dessert that is something out of the extraordinary for the sweet tooth. Below we have compiled some of the most talked about South African desserts that will make your mouth water just by reading!



A koeksister is one of the most favorite desserts in South Africa, or even just served as a sweet treat with coffee or tea. Koeksisters is a plaited dough strip that is then fried in boiling oil and then that hot fried dough gets submersed into an ice cold sugar syrup. A koeksister is very sticky with a sweet taste like honey with a golden crunchy crust and a liquid syrup centre.


Directly translated from Afrikaans, Melktert means “milk tart” that is a truly South African dessert that has a sweet pastry crust with a creamy filling that is made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs to form a custard filling that is topped off with some cinnamon.

Malva pudding

A malva pudding originated with the Cape Dutch settlers and is a sweet baked spongy cake-type pudding that contains apricot jam, sugar, eggs, flour and butter with a delicious caramel-like sauce that is poured over the pudding while it is still hot and is then served with either custard and/or ice-cream. There is quite a few variants nowadays that can either have brandy or even dates in the pudding.

Peppermint crisp fridge tart

A peppermint crisp tart is a fridge tart and also one of the desserts that’s the easiest to make and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make it. It is very creamy and rich and is a sure treat for every sweet tooth. It has a crust that is made of biscuits (usually tennis biscuits) that is blended with melted butter with the filling of whipped cream, caramel treat and grated peppermint crisp chocolate. You can also layer the biscuits with the cream and caramel just as you prefer.

Marshmallows on a stick with a chocolate sauce

One of the best childhood memories is standing outside by the fire and then being able to “braai” your own dessert. For old and young, this is a dessert that can me made by anyone and is really easy.  You put marshmallows on a long enough stick (or even a fondue fork) and then “braai” it until the marshmallows have soften to your taste and then dip it in a chocolate sauce before you indulge in the sweet sensation. This is one of the most liked desserts for children and very easy to prepare.

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