Being a country known as the Rainbow Nation, South Africa offers a wide variety of food choices through all different cultures and you are sure to be in for a treat when you visit our diverse country.

We have compiled some of the options that you just have to try while visiting our beautiful country.


True to the Afrikaans culture, Boerewors is a highly favorite sausage that is filled with either beef, venison, pork or sometimes a mix of all of these, blended with a variety of spices which mostly also includes thyme, fennel, coriander, cloves, mint, garlic, ginger and even red wine. Boerewors is almost present at every South African braai, but can even be prepared in the oven or on the stove top. Boerewors is quite tasty and a favorite for the majority of the population in South Africa



As the official national dish of South Africa, Bobotie is a favorite amongst all. It is a mild cape-malay curry dish of minced beef with almonds, sultanas and topped with egg custard. Bobotie is mostly served with yellow rice and then topped with fruit chutney and sometimes even banana and a little coconut.


Bunny chow

With it origin in Durban, a Bunny chow is another popular South African food. It basically entails a hollowed out half-loaf filled with delicacies. Some of the delicacies that are used in bunny chow include curry lamb, chicken or beef but in some instances, it can be vegetarian in nature.



Waterblomettjie is a vegetable stew made from some edible form of water lilies. This stew is regarded as the best company for pap and is usually spiced to enhance its flavor. Waterblommetjie is very popular in South Africa and as such, can be considered as one of the staple foods of South Africa.



Mashonzha is a traditional Zulu dish and is a must if you are one of those people with a bucket list. Mashonzha is mopane worms that are usually griled or fried and then spiced with either peanut or chili sauce to enhance the flavor. Mopane worms looks like caterpillars and is not poisonous and therefore edible.



Very similar to American grits, Pap is made from ground corn that is then mixed with water and cooked. There is quite a big variety of Pap and it all depends on what you prefer. The more water the less dense the pap and is then known as slap pap. When you add less water to get a denser pap it’s called stywe pap or you can make it crumbly with even less water than stywe pap and it then called krummel pap. Pap can be eaten as breakfast, or can be part of a braai. Amongst most people, pap with boerewors and then a spicy tomato sauce is a real favorite.


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