Planning a self-drive holiday can be quite overwhelming and stressful. Here we have some tips for making yourself drive holiday planning a little easier.

Do not drive too far in one day

To make your trip enjoyable for you and your family (or whoever you are travelling with), try not to make your driving too much per day. In that case, you will be able to still stop and enjoy the places you are passing on route to your destination and you will still be able to stop and explore your destination for the day without being too tired to thoroughly enjoy.



South African roads are mostly in a good condition but we do not recommend anything less than a Group C car, which is something like a 1.6 Toyota Corolla. If you plan a self-drive safari holiday, you might want to look at something with more ground clearance as you will have more gravel roads to travel on.


Driving on most of the South African roads you will be able to stick to tar roads, but going to safari areas you will definitely encounter a gravel road or two. The gravel roads are definitely more challenging and can be very tiring, especially if you are not used to driving on them. Gravel roads usually pass very remote areas and if you have car troubles on one of these gravel roads, assistance may not be there to get to you immediately. It is also important to be prepared if travelling in remote areas to make sure you have a spare wheel and some extra water and food just in case you get stuck for a couple of hours before help arrives.


South African roads tend to have a lot of animals on the roads, especially after the sun sets, so we do recommend arriving at your destination before dark.

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