You might be thinking your dream overseas holiday is slipping away with the rand drop due to the recent S&P rating. Don’t give up yet! There are some nice rand-friendly destinations that could be exactly what your heart -and wallet- have been wishing for.

The Philippines for unreal beaches and hectic Manila

The Philippines are made up of more than 7000 islands.

Palawan is the best island to visit. It’s really long and the northern half is where most things worth seeing are.

El Nido is the centre of all the activity in the North – hotels, backpackers, dive centres, day trips and so on, it’s busy enough, but really still a sleepy village at heart.

Exchange rate: R1 is equal to 3 Philippine pesos

Thailand for the culture

Thailand has every possible kind of holiday you might be looking for. There are the popular Andaman Islands for idyllic blue water, sun and sand.  Koh Tao is perfect if you’re looking for a diver’s paradise.

There is also the temple trail to the east of the country for cultural connoisseurs. In Krungthep, city of Angels, old meets new – also known as Bangkok.

Exchange rate: R1 = 2.2 Thai Baht

Cambodia to marvel at ancient wonders

This fascinating destination will have you awe-struck especially if you choose to take in the sunrise at Angkor Wat. There’s much more to fascinate you in the bustling city of Phnom Penh and in the untouched islands in the South.

Exchange rate: 1 South African Rand = 254.99 Cambodian Riel

Laos for river and mountain escapades

Laos used to be known as the land of a thousand elephants but these days it’s the amazing 4000 islands and the Irrawaddy dolphin scooping up the attention. This is the ultimate adventure holiday for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Expenses: Budget about R320 per day for a dorm room, street food and transport.

Vietnam for buzz worthy cities, exciting cuisine and lush countryside

Complex, ever-evolving Vietnam is a blur of tiered green rice paddies, rugged natural beauty and varied and most delicious street food.

Exchange rate: R1 = 1,428 Vietnamese dong

Bali for laid-back beach-bumming and affordable beach villa luxury

Luscious Bali has volcanos to climb, street food to feast on, waves to surf, monkey sanctuaries to visit and reasonably-priced luxury villas to chill out in, read a book and forget about life’s daily stresses.

Exchange rate: R1 = 841 IDR

Malaysia for the food

The Malaysian peninsula connects to the southern tip of Thailand and there is a fun and affordable overnight train ride to Bangkok from Butterworth, Penang. When visiting Penang one simply must try all the delicious and often unique Malay dishes and visit all the markets in George Town.

Exchange rate: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 3,78 ZAR

With some research and a good eye for exchange rates and holiday deals, foreign shores are still well within your grasp. So, when the wanderlust bug bites us, there is very little that we can do to quell it other than to indulge in a trip…

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