The Orange River offers plenty of canoeing, rafting and fly-fishing adventures for the intrepid traveller. If you are seeking a relaxing day out in the sunshine or a week-long white-water expedition, the Orange River is an exciting option.

Did You Know?

The Orange River was named by Colonel Robert Gordon, commander of the Dutch East India Company, in honour of William V of Orange. In Lesotho, where it rises, it’s called the Senqu. It is the longest river in South Africa.

Canoeing & Rafting

Canoeing and rafting are adventure opportunities offered along the 2 200km-long Orange River. If you are a serious outdoor enthusiast, you can take a guided tour. Imagine sleeping under the stars for several nights while travelling the river and enjoying its surrounds during the day.

The Orange River winds through an assortment of topography, including some majestic mountain ranges. It makes its way into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay.

Augrabies Falls National Park, which is just two hours’ drive from Thuru Lodge, is one of the most popular places from which to start your journey.

There are several tour operators who offer qualified river guides. These experienced guides will take you on an adventure that could last anything from a day to a week. It all depends on how much time you have available.

Trips down the river can be made by canoe or raft – the latter providing a more comfortable option for those new to river travel.

With rapids to test even the most experienced paddlers, as well as flat, serene sections for a relaxing day out, the Orange River provides something for everyone.


Fly-fishermen with a sense of adventure can take a tour from Augrabies Falls National Park. Duration options on these trips range from a half-day tour to a four-day expedition.

Longer tours provide access to the wilder, more exclusive sections of the river. If you’re lucky, you might encounter the elusive yellow fish, which can weigh up to 4 kg.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to go is in the summer months from November to March. Winter can get very cold.

Whatever your pleasure, the Orange River will deliver!


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