When people first hear the word sheeptails you get that expression on their faces that you might be crazy to serve it to your guests.  But true to our region, sheep tails is a true delicacy,like Crayfish is to the West Coast, and when prepared correctly you will be sure to ask for more.  Here we share our recipe on how to prepare the perfect sheeptail – Thuru Lodge Style!  We hope you will enjoy it!

You will need:

Enough Sheeptails as one each is definitely not enough

Lemon juice (preferable freshly squeezed)

Chilli Beef flavoured Aromat


Cook the sheeptails in preferably a pressure cooker for about 20 minutes.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker you can boil it in a pot with water on the stove until almost tender (this will take about one hour)

Whilst the sheeptails are in the pressure cooker or on the stove top, start the fire outside to get the coals ready to braai the perfect treat.

When the coles are ready and the sheeptails are properly cooked in the pressure cooker or on the stove top, put it in a grid, then season to taste with lemon juice and chilli beef spice.  Braai for about 2 minutes per side, then turn, and juice and spice the other side as well.  Braai again for 2 minutes per side and keep turning until nice and brown and the meat tender.


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