A mere 5 hours’ drive north of Cape Town you will find a wilderness that is semi-desert, arid, with dusty plains with dramatic mountains in the background, but when you choose the right time of the year, the Namaqualand will surprise you with a magnificent flower spectacle that lights up with a wide range of colours.


The Namaqualand, that extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the west, to Pofadder in the east and north from the great Orange River, looks like a carpet of magnificent colours during the months of July to September, after good winter rains. Make sure you set aside at least two to three days to truly experience the magical spectacle.


Also part of the Wild flower route are a couple of Reserves that you can definitely include in your itinerary, namely the Richtersveld National Park, Goegap Nature Reserve and the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve.


On your route, you will see almost 4000 different plants species that depends entirely on Mother Nature, and therefore every year between July and October a totally different selection of flowers can be viewed. It is advised to visit the local tourist information bureau to confirm where the best flowers can be seen during the time that you are there.


For the active travellers there are also a number of hiking and cycling routes, especially in the Goegap Nature Reserve, where they can view the indigenous flora up close and personal with a number of picnic spots and overnight facilities.


The Namaqualand is a magical destination where one can experience wonders of nature up close and personal, so get in your car and enjoy the miracles that our country has to offer.




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