Accommodation providers try to give their guests the best services and to make it as memorable as possible, especially when it comes to the rooms where they have to feel at home.

In almost all cases, travelers want to just get away from the busy every-day life, have some peace and quiet, and most important of all, have a good night’s rest.

You can make the best of your stay by making yourself comfortable in your “far-from-home” room:

  • Adjust the room temperature.

Generally speaking, most people sleep better in a cooler room. Turn on the air conditioner to slightly cool — you don’t want to shiver. If you prefer an open window (not always an option), just open it a crack.

  • Silence your cell phone notifications

Especially if you’re in a different time zone than your friends and family, people could be trying to contact you when you’re trying to sleep. Turn off notification sounds for texts, emails and calls before you go to bed so you’re not disturbed.

  • Take a warm bath

In addition to providing relaxation, a bath lowers your body temperature slightly (once you get out and come back to a cool room), which can help you sleep better.

  • Sip on tea or ready a small nightcap

A small cup of chamomile tea or other warm, non-caffeinated beverage can induce sleep. The other alternative is to ready a small nightcap. A glass of wine before bed helps ensure a good night’s sleep. Too much alcohol can inhibit sleep, though, so keep it moderate.

  • Bring Some Nibbles

You can’t bring your whole pantry on vacation, nor should you — trying local specialties is part of travelling, after all! — but if you love waking up to a little biscotti with your morning coffee, throw a few biscuits into your carry-on. They won’t take up much space, and they’ll give you a little taste of home.


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