The Quiver tree (or in Afrikaans, Kokerboom) is an indigenous aloe specie indigenous to South Africa, particularly in the Northern Cape Region of South Africa and Namibia.

Just outside of Upington, in a small town called Keimoes, one will find the Koms Quiver Tree Nursery, that stocks a wide variety of this special tree.

The Koms Quiver Tree Nursery, that was established in 2005, still has some of the original seedlings that was planted in the beginning, and can now be seen as impressive large trees. Being under licence from the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation, they ensure that these plants are maintained and cared for optimally.

At the Koms Quiver Tree Nursery one can see quiver trees in different ages and sizes and they are happy to supply buyers from all over South Africa and can even export Quiver Trees to buyers around the world.

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