These sweets either take the form of braided dough that’s deep fried and soaked in syrup (koeksisters, of Afrikaans heritage) or balls of spiced dough rolled in coconut (koesisters, of Cape Malay heritage). Both are delicious.

Malva pudding

Many citizens will tell you their granny makes this simple baked pudding with toffee sauce best.


Pale, smooth, and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, milktart is a soothing tea-time treat in some SA cultures. Some family recipes go back hundreds of years.

Pap en sous

Made from coarse ground maize cooked with water, pap is a staple for many South Africans. You can have it quite fluid as a porridge, or more dry, balled up and dipped it in sous (tomato and onion sauce), chakalaka (spicy chunky fruity salsa) or your meaty stew to make it go further.

Peppermint crisp tart

Not the most stylish dessert but nevertheless popular on dinner tables. This no-cook pudding sports layers of biscuits, whipped cream, out-the-tin caramel and Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars.


A tasty species of mackerel that populates the seas around South Africa, snoek can be tricky to eat due to all its fine bones, but the flavour is your reward.


This simple, starchy dish pairs samp (unhusked maize) with beans to make a filling and nutritious side dish, which is said to be one of the favourites of Nelson Mandela himself. It’s great with any slow-cooked stews.


This dish is a combination of crumbled salty pap and creamy-sour milk


This street-food treat of a sheep’s head, named for its widely grimacing mouth, is popular for its tasty tenderness.

Mogodu with ting

Enjoyed everywhere across the globe from France to China, stewed tripe is also a beloved comfort food on the southern tip of Africa. Mogodu is tripe, slow cooked for hours until soft; ting is a stiff porridge made from fermented mabele/sorghum. Mabele is also very versatile and can be played around with like quinoa and arborio rice.

Make sure to taste some of these amazing, truely South African dishes when you are visiting our beautiful country!



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