Situated in a land of contrasts, at the gateway to the Green Kalahari you will find the little village of Groblershoop. Imagine arid, undulating hills penetrated by the shimmering Orange River valley creating a green strip right through and providing life to its surroundings.

Groblershoop is the closest village to Thuru Lodge, with a  distance of 20 km. The successful stock farming and wine production in the region is built on a solid foundation of hard work and a pioneering spirit of early residents. Both the people and the ancient donkey made its mark in the Groblershoop area!


Groblershoop  has a rich cultural heritage, beauty as well as a thriving community and economy.  Visitors can experience their large delicious grapes during harvest season and fantastic wines or visit one of the many cultural and historical sites.

  • Boegoeberg Dam – Completed in 1931, surrounded by the Kalahari’s red dunes and countless kokerbome (quiver trees). The dam is a water sports and anglers’ Mecca.
  • Eselkloupan – Fossilised track resembling donkey spoor.  Viewing is by appointment only.
  • Orange River Cellars – The Groblershoop area is a major wine producing area. Orange River Cellars are just outside of the town and they are the first on the Orange River Wine route. Indulge in wine tasting before a tour.
  • Roaring Sands – White dunes surrounded by typically red Kalahari dunes, ‘roar’ when the wind blows.
  • Water Turbine – On the farm Winstead, you can inspect a water turbine driven by solid-oak gears imported from England in 1910.

Though small and tranquil, there is plenty to discover in Groblershoop while visiting Thuru Lodge!


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