Namaqualand! 100% big sky country. Extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the small town of Pofadder in the east, north from the great Orange River and south beyond Garies, Namaqualand is indeed a vast and varied region.

During the arid summer months it is difficult for the tourist to imagine the phenomenon of the yearly wild flower appearance.

After the winter rainfall, Namaqualand dons her coat of many colours and for a brief moment, the wildflowers invade the countryside. Countless poems, novels, paintings and prose have been dedicated to this annual shower of God’s colour.

Spektakelberg was so named by Simon van der Stel when he expressed his amazement at this miracle of nature and exclaimed: “What a spectacle!”

Simon van der Stel, Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, discovered the rich copper deposits of Namaqualand during 1685 although, long before any ship docked at Table Bay the local Nama people had fine tuned the art of smelting copper and using it for domestic and decorative use.

Copper and diamond mining brought a diversity of people to the area and thus created economic stability. In Namaqualand the visitor will find indescribable treasures amongst the wide selection of remarkable fauna and flora.

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