When you are looking for something that makes a place different than any other, you just came to the right place. For us here at Thuru Lodge, it’s important to offer our guests experience’s that will stay with them long after they have left.

One of these experiences we offer is our Dune Dinners. Set in the red sand dunes of the Kalahari we offer guests a 3-course dinner in the Kalahari Dunes under the bright stars of the Southern Hemisphere where you can see the Southern Cross, the Three Kings and many more.

On your arrival enjoy the beating of African Drums to welcome you with big fires that light up the sky. On your arrival enjoy our hand washing ritual together with a welcoming glass of sherry.

Your table is set close to a big Camelthorn tree with one of the biggest sociable weaver’s nests on this property and you get to experience the sounds of all of these little precious birds singing to you while you have your dinner.

Our friendly barman, Willem, will make sure that all of our guests feel right at home and their glasses are full, while our chef, Bet, will ensure that everyone will enjoy a very good meal.

An exceptional experience of true African Hospitality under the African sky that you will remember and treasure for many more years to come.

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