One of the most exciting adventures one can have, is to go on safari, and what better place to do that than South Africa. Going on safari is not your average break to a city so it is better to be prepared. Listed below is some articles to pack to make sure that your safari runs smoothly.



Although you can get very close to most animals, you will find that you might encounter incredible sightings that your iPhone will just not be able to capture the way you thought it would. Make sure to pack a zoom lens of at least 300mm and if you find something that can zoom further (in your price range) go for that instead.


Going on safari usually means being outside on the back of a truck where you will experience some dust. Therefore, the water proof bag is not actually for water but rather to keep the dust out of your belongings while outside on safari.


This one might be quite obvious, but travelling with sunscreen is one of the most essential items for your travel bag – even in winter, being outside on the back of a vehicle you will get burnt.


Being outside during the day and at the camp fire at night you will encounter some insects that needs to be repelled. From mosquitos to other insects that can sting, it’s best to get a rather good repellent.


Hay fever is quite common when on safari, so it’s better to have some antihistamines close by so that you don’t have to sit through the day with a blocked nose and runny eyes. You also don’t know when you might be allergic to something, so rather safe than sorry!


Most lodges or guest houses will usually provide the right adapters for their guests, but just in case they don’t provide, make sure to get the right adapter to be able to charge your cameras.

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