Choosing the perfect photographic destination is very important. Although there are a lot of companies that offer a variety of services, we encourange you to consider ours. Thuru Lodge offers to both beginners and experts a wide range of different platforms where you can enhance your skillset or push themselves yourself further to get the perfect shot. The perfect photographic destination is not only about your surroundings, but the opportunities provided by the company so you can get the perfect shot.

The Destination and Vegetation

Thuru Lodge is situated in the Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari Desert is an unspoilt expanse of wilderness and the ideal backdrop for stunning wildlife pictures. The landscape offers a variety of fieldtypes that has a lot to offer, especially for photographers. There is the red Kalahari Sand dunes, that by itself, gives you excellent photographic opportunities. The red Kalahari sand dunes especially makes very special sunset photos. We also have karoo vegetation, which allows you to take panoramic photographs of wide and open spaces. Then there is the range of mountains with incredible rock formations and the prettiest wild flowers that grows inbetween these rocks. The flora on these different fieldtypes also offers the photographer a range of opportunities to get the perfect shot. Different trees, from big camelthorn trees, to the incredible Shephards tree, also makes for good photographic opportunities. Futher vegetation includes a range of succulent plants in the mountains and different thorny bushes on the open plains.


If you cover these different landscapes with a wide range of wild animals and different types of plant life and you have the perfect picture. With a total of 28 different species on Thuru Lodge, it’s a paradise for any photographer. We have the four different color Springbucks, Kudu, Eland, Redhartebeest, Impala, Buffalo and Giraffe, just to name but a few. A big variety of small and big game and birdlife can be found.
Most importantly, we cater to your needs. We understand that you need a company that understand your photographic needs and has a lot of patience. So when you are looking for your next breakaway to be in nature and to take great photo’s it is not necessary to look further. Thuru Lodge will be waiting for you!

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