If you asked any South African citizen to propose an idyllic destination in South Africa, Knysna will definitely be one of the proposed options.

Knysna is situated on the Garden Route of South Africa and is surrounded by indigenous forests, mountains, tranquil lakes and amazing beaches. Knysna has a lot to offer, whether you are adventurous, a nature enthusiast, after arts and culture or if you just want to relax, Knysna has something to offer to everyone.

One of the most famous attractions in Knysna is the Knysna heads, which is a pair of cliffs lying at the mouth of the lagoon, forms the treacherous entry into the Knysna lagoon and many ancient ships got lost at sea trying to get through the Heads into the lagoon. Another great spot to view the Knysna Heads is from the privately owned, Featherbed Nature Reserve on the opposite side of the Knysna Lagoon and can only be reached by ferries. Featherbed boasts a great foot trail of 2km through coastal forest and along the water’s edge.

The remarkable indigenous forests in Knysna offers great walking trails where over 8000 plant species can be explored and for the adventurous souls they offer Canopy Zip-line tours in the forest.

For families there are quite a number of places to explore, like the Knysna Elephant Park where all of the elephants are rescued from culling operations in the Kruger National Park. Here you can even touch an elephant while they eat right out of your hands. There are also a number of animal parks around Knysna where families can see a wide variety of animals up close and personal.

In the town of Knysna, a lot of artists have opened up galleries where you can view their artwork and there is also a flea-market and a number of boutique shops to visit or you can just sit and relax in one of the many coffee shops on the main street.

Knysna also offers quite a number of festivals and events throughout the year, like the Oyster Festival in July, as well as the Knysna Marathon and half-marathon. Throughout the year there are also a number of event for arts and crafts, families, leisure, wine and dine, so everyone is sure to explore something they would like.

This is just a number of amazing things that you can see and visit while visiting Knysna, so go ahead and explore!






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