A safari is an essential element to a memorable holiday in South Africa. When putting together your clothes for the trip, take the season and location into account. To help you get started here are ten essential clothing tips you should bear in mind when preparing for your next African safari holiday…

1.  Choose neutral colours

If you plan to travel in a vehicle, the colour of your clothes might not matter that much. If you want to get a little closer to wildlife, wear clothes that will help you to blend in.

Avoid bright colours as well as black and white. Opt for shades of khaki, olive, and stone. Animals will be spooked if they see a bright white figure heading in their direction. Dark tones tend to heat up faster in the sun.

2.  Bring comfortable clothes

Be sure to pack clothes that you are comfortable wearing. Linen trousers are ideal, and comfortable to wear in the evenings.

3.  Fast-drying materials are your friend

Bring along clothes that are made from fast-drying materials. Lightweight cotton shirts, wool socks, and clothes made from manmade materials such as polyamide are much more ideal materials since they are lightweight.

4.  Layer up

Layers are the name of the game. Since temperatures can fluctuate significantly, it’s important to be prepared for just about anything.

Long sleeves can keep the sun, and bugs off of your arms. Pack lightweight shirts that can be covered by a pullover that can easily be taken off as the day heats up.

5.  Foot-friendly footwear

Remember to think comfort when choosing your footwear. Bring something that’s practical and comfortable. Stick with a pair of tried and true walking shoes or comfortable sandals that are good for walking.

6.  Pack practical

Be practical and smart about your choices. Safaris involve walking and driving down dirt roads and tracks, and you’ll want to bring things that you don’t mind getting a bit dusty.

7.  Pack for the weather

It’s important to be prepared for a range of varying temperatures and weather conditions. Pack a lightweight jacket or a fleece pullover for sitting around the campfire at night, and t-shirts and lightweight trousers for the day.

8.  Don’t overpack

Bring along plenty of basics: socks, undergarments, and the like. Take care to avoid overpacking. The last thing you need is the additional hassle of a couple of large suitcases packed with dozens of different outfit options.

9.  Bring helpful accessories

Sun hats, sunglasses, lightweight scarfs or shirts that have collars to cover your neck from the hot sun are great accessories to bring along. Bring socks, closed shoes, and insect repellent to keep away the bugs.

10. If you don’t wear it, don’t bring it

Bring things that you know layer up well, and leave behind things that have never been worn.

Practicality and comfort are key when packing for your trip. Choose items that you’re comfortable in and opt for muted, neutral shades. Layer up, and prepare for a wide range of different temperatures and you’ll be good to go.

Source: www.go.safaridrive.com/clothing-tips-african-safari/

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